New Year New Start January 2020

It'’s time to do something about those New Year Resolutions ……………..whether it’s to get fit, improve or develop your skills or just to get a life!  Even though the vast majority of courses started in September, there are many short courses starting in January or after Easter.

The range of formal courses offered in the Stockport area includes:

Accounting & Business: Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping, Office Skills for Employment

Free On line Learning Courses

I have recently been approached by a clien twanting to attend a course to improve her job prospects but not able to attend college due to cost of course .........and finding one to fit in with work commitments! 

Want to improve your skills and qualifications, don’t wait until September!

Qualifications are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring success in the workplace and labour market. If you want to improve your job prospects it is well worth considering a course for ongoing personal development, to gain new skills or to provide accreditation for existing skills.  The vast majority of courses start in September, but don’t wait until then to apply as  a popular course may will be filled, well before the start date and undersubscribed one will be cancelled! So, if you are considering a course and have not yet applied, you need to do so now 

It’s time to spring clean your career

Stuck in a rut?

In the current climate ……….you can’t walk away from (or into) a job but you there are still things you can do to improve your situation 

•Try some voluntary work to boost your skills and make new contacts

•Find out about courses starting after Easter or get ready to apply for September

•Give your CV a makeover to show, at a glance, the skills and expertise you are offering

•Join a social group/club to widen your interests and make new friends

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