What is Professional Careers Guidance?

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Guidance will help you toMauve circles containing letters CPA wiht words careers professional aliiance underneath. Image of hand with thumb and first finger making a circle containtaining a tick

  • explore your learning, work and career options taking full account of your age and the stage you are at in your life
  • develop confidence and knowledge to make informed choices about available options
  • learn how to go about taking a decision and making plans with regard to chosen options
  • work out how to put your plans into effect

Professional Careers Guidance isn’t just for young people as it encompasses support not only with the early steps of career planning, but with life choices throughout the various stages of your working life into active retirement.

Current Relevance

Formerly, career progression was more straightforward and any mistakes were generally reversible.  The current economic climate is imposing change (often unwanted) and may limit opportunities. The growth in educational provision and changes in funding have also added to the importance of the decisions being made.

 As decisions become increasingly complex, it becomes even more important to have professional and up to date advice and support with decision making.