What our Clients say about us

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'I held off replying as I had a job interview on Thursday and good news, I am now the manager of ................... I  am so pleased it is the right balance of using my skills and new challenges.  Thank you for your help along the way it really did remotivate my job search and improve my interview/application skills ' ( Laura, not happy in current job role)

'.............. a big thank you for the session that I had with you last Sunday. It's most definitely been of benefit, especially as it is enabling me to think more clearly about things and has given me the direction to move things forwards.' (Sara, 40 year old looking for a change)

'Just to let you know that i got offered a new job last week, im quite sure my CV got me through the door immediatley as the new employer commented on my CV being excellent!! Thanks  Nicola x '(Redundant Manager)

"As well as offering friendly advice, I was able to go through my CV and interview answers with Adrienne, getting another perspective on what I was saying.  Adrienne highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of what I had been doing and helped me to put together a strong and coherent message that sold myself better to new companies.  I also got other ideas that I had not thought about and after trying out all the advice I got several job offers and I'm ready again for the next step of my career” Peter (30 year old Chemical Engineer)

" Brilliant!............. Many thanks for sorting out my CV. I had thought it quite good originally, bit 1 session and a couple of emails with Adrienne has transformed it. I hardly recognised myself! Definitely worth having your CV professionally done .Many many thanks" Carol (50 year old  female applying for a new job)

"I have now had time to go over my  CV  nd I’m really pleased with the end result. You managed to highlight all my skills, experience and knowledge so positively. I am in a much stronger position in the job market and feel more confident now I have this wonderful C.V "  Val (40 year old female facing redundancy)


"I felt I must write and thank you properly for the information you provided following my query about professional training in monitoring, evaluation and procurement. Not only was everything you suggested relevant and at the appropriate level but you opened my eyes to additional options I had not previously considered, and ways in which I could research further myself. I was most impressed, not least by the speed with which you responded so fully. Thank you so much. I may contact you later in the year for further advice, and will recommend your service to colleagues."  A G Davies ( Female mid 30's, unhappy in present role and looking for a career change)

 "Adrienne offers a personal, friendly and highly professional service, and that extra help that comes from having someone who understands your point of view. I would recommend the service to anyone looking at career change" ( 45 year old female)


 "As a mature lady with nearly 30 years experience working in local government and further education, I found work and home commitments too much and suffering stress and anxiety, took early retirement.After a further 5 years of family and care commitments, I decided I needed further interests outside the home, to fill the gap left by my early retirement.

Undecided what to do, I saw Adrienne Conway to consider further my interests and options available to me at this stage in my life.I received counselling and personality testing and decided to use some of my time and skills to support others.

After discussing further with Adrienne I decided to approach the voluntary sector and after starting in more junior tasks, am now working as a volunteer for a charity supporting fundraising activities and community events.I feel I am now contributing to an important cause and I love interacting  and helping people whilst trying to realise our fundraising goals, which makes me feel more positive about myself and life in general" Anne ( 56 years old  female)

 "I wanted to thank you for looking at my CV, which I originally wrote. I thought it was okay and then you looked at and basically pulled it apart and rewrote but still keeping the basic same points but the way you put across was so much more appealing to someone reading the CV along with the extra valid important points added.

Unfortunately, I had found it very difficult getting a work position and had been trying for over fifteen months and became so disheartened with not even getting any interviews.

I have to confess though (as I was hesitant about coming to you) that since you changed my CV, I could not believe it and started to get replies and not only that, I was offered a great work position where I am still working and thoroughly enjoy it.    

I am like a different person having found work and equally more important, income coming in. Thank you a million times over. "   Ian (60 year old male, not worked for several years)


"I must say that having felt like a rudderless ship since I became unemployed it was great having such a positive chat with you this morning." 


"Since I have never been out of work in my life never mind signed on, I’ve found it very daunting being at my age with no work". 


"My partner keeps telling me that she believes I undersell myself and I suppose she’s right. I’m aware I should have more self confidence in my own abilities. As you say I do have a lot to offer……………… Thanks again, it was like a breath of fresh air!”


 “Adrienne was fantastic. I got a plan…………and renewed purpose from my visit………..which I found very useful””


 “I really felt the counselor had time for me, I was encouraged to explore options and ask questions. It was refreshing to be treated as an intelligent person. No stone unturned to help me……….Thank you Adrienne”


“100%happy…….. Grateful for the help………….very friendly, helpful and cheerful”


“I found Adrienne Conway to be both affable and enthusiastic in her efforts to aid me and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anybody else in my predicament “


 “ I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help”