Spring into a Career Change

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Spring into a Career Change:  Contact Work & Beyond for  a 1:! appointment to  Spring Clean your Career: 

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show the highest level of employment (74%) and lowest rate of unemployment (5.1%) since 2005. 

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Start with a review of your current situation, identifying any parts of the job that you like and those that you really want to avoid

Additionally employment opportunities generally show an increase in the new financial year. Also if you are considering some form of retraining or personal development there it is a good time to research and apply for courses.

Prioritize which career drivers are most important for you. This may be financial  but it is frequently other factors such a responsibility, value of work, status, colleagues, job satisfaction etc.

Review the range of options open to you, whether it is possible to change roles with the same employer, or find a similar role with a different employer whilst remaining within the same industry or alternatively whether a complete career change would work for you!    This decision can be helped by exploring options and opportunities with an independent careers adviser. They can also help you to.............   

Identify your strengths, skills and achievements to enable you to refresh your CV in order to present what you are offering in the best possible lightCheerful character with springs for legs

Nowadays there are vast amounts of information available on the internet but it can be confusing, it is important to ensure you are using reputable websites where the information can be trusted. Register on Job search sites, contact companies directly, particularly using any contacts you have .as this is still the main way people get fixed up with new work roles

Get started by developing an Action Plan, setting yourself achievable goals within specified time-scales ……and Good Luck

Contact Work & Beyond to arrange a 1:1 apponntment ro explore your pprions