Skills and Qualifications

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Professional Status

Adrienne is a graduate (BA(Hons) Social Science with the Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance. with over 25 years experience in the sector Navy blue initials CDI with Career Development Institute in Turqoiseto the right and Registered Professional in navy underneath



She is a Registered Guidance practitioner- see Career Development Professionals (Registration Number 02332), and supports an ongoing commitment to Continuing Professional Development and provision of a quality service

She is also a member o the 
 Careers Professional Alliance , which has recently replaced the  Institute of Career Guidance and  NAEGA 
nitials CPA in individual mauve circles with the words careers professional alliance underneath .At the right hand side there is an image of a hand with the finger and thumb touching with a tick in the middle of the circle(the  practitioner organization for the adult career guidance sector), both of which she had belonged to for many years


 Additional Qualifications and Courses

Advanced Interview Skills

Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (PTTLS)

Advanced Guidance Techniques  

Challenging Age

Motivation, Aptitude and Personality Styles Assessment

Basic Skills / Dyslexia Awareness



Sensory Impairment


Areas of Expertise

Developing and encouraging mature clients entering the labour market

Supporting clients facing redundancy, (especially those with substantial work history and/ or professional qualifications)

Realistic interpretation of the labour market and available opportunities

Identification of skills and Personality Style to increase confidence and widen horizons

Knowledge of local opportunities for education, training and leisure