Retirement and keen to keep going

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There are various different attitudes to an impending retirement. Many people approach this stage in their lives, happily, with their finances secure and family, travel and other activities to fill their days. Many others however, are not in such a fortunate position and are approaching the prospect with trepidation or even dread for a variety of reasons.

Don’t need the money but afraid of being bored and missing the social contacts……Nest with gold egg inside

There are many opportunities for you to have social contact, keep busy and still be of worth. Retirement is a time for you to enjoy yourself and do all the things you never had time to do before. If nothing comes to mind, discussion with an independent guidance worker can help you identify potential areas and associated opportunities. There are many groups/courses to help you develop your interests or you could explore opportunities in the voluntary sector to develop.

See sections on courses/voluntary work or check out how we work or contact Work & Beyond straight away.

Need to be earning but not in such a stressful role………

Blue sky wiht finger post pointing backwatrds to old life and forwards to new life

It makes sense to see if you can reduce your hours or find another role with your existing employer. However, if this is not an option or you want to move to another employer look at sections for finding work etc. Depending on the sort of work you have been doing you may have to look for something completely different……… this is where independent, impartial and confidential advice and guidance can help.  You could use your current skills and expertise to either scale down in the same sector or use your transferable skills to look at something slightly different  or alternatively, look at something completely different. Generally,  this would be done by starting with a course or voluntary work.

Still need the money

It is important to check your financial situation to make sure you really do need to work and what level of salary you need to maintain your desired/required level of income. This will then influence your future action. See sections on Skills Identification and CV writing

Contact Work & Beyond to see how we can help you.