Personality Styles Indicator

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The Personality Styles Indicator (PSI) is authored by Occupational Psychologists  JCA  and is a very straight forward exercise with amazing results. It is underpinned by the Jungian model. Blue Cartoon characters showing different activities eg reading , writing etc

  • PSI is based on the principle that we all fit into one of 16 different Personality Styles which can be  used with both individuals  and groups
  • This very straight forward, and user friendly, exercise increases self awareness and provides insight into your behavior and characteristics.
  • In the current context it provides invaluable information on appropriate career themes and highlights possible job suggestions

Feedback from people who have completed the exercise:-

  •  “It has come up with a lot more jobs that I am able to do as well as a lot of jobs I have done in the past. It also came up with a job that I would love to do”
  • “It was very interesting – summed me up very well I think!”
  • “It has helped me think about the same skills in a different type of workplace”
  • “The assessment opened my eyes to many more jobs that suit me”
  • “It’s made me more aware of the other options for me career-wise. It’s also made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how these can help me in the future”
  • “Helped me reflect on the kind of person I am and helped me to understand that I have more abilities in the workplace than I give myself credit for”
  • “It helped suggest jobs/ careers I can look at”
  • “It came out exactly like me!”
  • “It is easy to complete”
  • “It has given me a starting point and plenty to go away and think about”
  • “It will help me fill out application forms and put together my CV”
  • “It has helped me understand the people I work with and how I react to them”
  • “I would advise friends who don’t know what to do to use it"

PSI belongs to the wider MAPS Programme, you can find out about the MAPS Bursary and also see  people talking about what MAPS did for them (video button top right).