Hints and Tips for Mature Job Seekers

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Getting a job can be just like selling a house!                           Image of house with For Sale Sign

In the current economic climate getting a job is like selling a house, as we all know it’s a buyers’ market. Most houses do sell eventually, but many are on the market for years and getting harder and harder to sell. Some, on the other hand, sell very quickly, as they are a type for which there is high demand or the vendor has followed professional advice on how best to present the property!

Polish up your CV                                                                              Broken windows in top floor of building                                      

This comparison is particularly appropriate for the mature job seeker: you know you have a lot to offer but need to convince others, it is no longer appropriate to put up a sign and wait... it takes hard work! You need to use modern approaches to find the right employer (buyer), present a current CV emphasizing your positive features (glossy sales brochure) and even update what you are offering (a fresh coat of paint) if required to make yourself more saleable. Above all be flexible. Even though it is a buyers’ market, there are still jobs around, they are just harder to find and the process of recruitment has become increasingly more complex. This means that you are unlikely to get a job quickly............. (just like finding a buyer for the house) it may even take a year so you need to plan accordingly!   So check out how we work and get in touch with Work & Beyond so we can start your update!

Top Tips for Job SeekersModernizes and painted windows


  • Understand the overall package of skills (not just from work) you are offering and make sure employers are aware of them
  • Consider improving your qualifications either to bring them up to the 21st century or to validate your experience
  • You may need to consider alternative sectors for employment depending on the level of opportunities in your current sector and will need to look at ways to enhance your employability (see section on voluntary work) or contact Work & Beyond straight away.

CV (Sales Brochure)                                                                                                                                                                  brightly co loured tags,each with a letter SALE

  • You need a Profile/Summary, at the beginning, showing what makes you special and to encourage further reading
  • You should clearly show your skills and achievements and the benefits you bring
  • Space is at a premium (2 sides of A4 in a clear font) so do not repeat yourself and only use information which is relevant and positive. See section on CV's

Job SearchMagnifying glass in front of words Job Search

  • Networking and using contacts are important to spread your message as widely as possible as the majority of jobs are never advertised
  • Use of the internet to search individual companies, trends and the range of general and occupationally specific websites
  • Check if you are eligible for help from the Job Centre Plus and associated organizations

Remember friendly, professional advice is available from Work &  Beyond.