A half day can change your life! The Value of Careers Advice & Guidance.

Most people accept the value careers guidance for young people but few recognize that it can also have significant impact on the lives of adults. Some of my clients arrange appointments grudgingly as they are not sure they will benefit. However, by the end of the session they are happier, have greater self-awareness and the confidence to go on to develop their career path. 

When I contact clients to see how they are getting on, the number getting/changing jobs never ceases to amaze me, particularly in the current economic climate!  At last count, 89% of those looking for a new job or a change actually achieved their goal and generally after only one session!

I have copied below some of the comments made by clients on the careers guidance process

•I was encouraged to explore options and ask questions. It was refreshing to be treated as an intelligent person. No stone unturned to help me

•I must say that having felt like a rudderless ship since I became unemployed it was great having such a positive chat with you 

•..........…highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of what I had been doing and helped me to put together a strong and coherent message that sold myself better to new companies.  I also got other ideas that I had not thought about and after trying out all the advice I got several job offers and I'm ready again for the next step of my career’

•The session………………. (has) most definitely been of benefit, especially as it is enabling me to think more clearly about things and has given me the direction to move things forwards.

•Not only was everything you suggested relevant and at the appropriate level but you opened my eyes to additional options I had not previously considered, and ways in which I could research further myself

•I got a plan…………and renewed purpose from my visit………..which I found very useful

•I have now had time to go over my CV and I’m pleased with the result. You managed to highlight all my skills, experience, and knowledge so positively. I am in a much stronger position in the job market and feel more confident now I have this wonderful CV 

•your help……really did remotivate my job search and improve my interview/ application skills

•a personal, friendly and highly professional service, and that extra help that comes from having someone who understands your point of view’ 

Adults rarely think careers advice and guidance is for them, due to a lack of understanding of what it means, and can offer. This has been hotly debated in both government circles and within the profession. The official (i.e. government) opinion, and hence funding for services, generally links to the employment agenda, with success judged by people getting jobs. Although this is an important part of careers guidance, it is definitely not the sole purpose but is often a consequence of the development of critical ‘soft skills’ such as confidence building and empowerment to take control over career development. The rising retirement age and impact of demographic changes mean that an increasingly ageing workforce needs the flexibility to cope with the transitions/changes required in challenging economic times, with rapidly developing technology.

Careers advice and guidance is now appropriate throughout working life, not just at the start!

The relevant professional body, The Career Development Institute (CDI), details the nature of support offered by guidance workers. Members provide ‘support  at a range of life and career stages beyond the first job, and includes  ‘skills and vocational training, job search, sector/management level change, promotion or transfer, redundancy, entrepreneurial business development, working identity change, disability and stress related career development issues, adjustments to life-work balance, returners to the labour market, portfolio working and pre-retirement choices’. 

Find out more about careers guidance and how it can help you from Work & Beyond and The CDI websites. 

It is important to be PROACTIVE ,after all it can take on average twelvemonths to make a CHANGE!

If you think, we can help, please get in touch with Work & Beyond, or find a Registered Guidance Practitioner near you