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This is my sixth year of writing about Adult Education Courses in Stockport. Each time I carry out the background research, I particularly notice the changers in what is being offered. For the last few years I have commented on the reduction of options available. However, this year is very similar to last year, maybe a few Business Start Up courses less but  still lots of Art, Languages and Health/Fitness related courses in both college and community venues.

As I am writing at the start of September it is important to apply immediately as courses will be fuelling up, or may not run if undersubscribed!

So long as there are places available you will be able to enrol, if not you can put your name down for the next run. 

Why  do a course?

Attending a course, improves general wellbeing, keeps the brain cells active and helps to meet people and avoid isolation as well as enabling you to :-

Learn a new skill e.g.  Drawing and Painting, Horticulture and Sugarcraft

Develop an existing talent e.g. Crafty Needles,, Creative Writing, Floristry

Improve general health and fitness e.g. Men’s Fit Fix, Pilates

Improve qualifications to enhance job prospects e.g. Computers, Maths or English GCSE, RHS Level 2 Horticulture, Association of Accounting Technicians

Above all just do a course for pleasure and fun!!!

If you are doing the course to improve your job prospects and need careers advice and guidance, checkout how we can help 

For further information Contact Adrienne at Work & Beyond for professional, impartial information, advice and careers guidance

Access to Higher Education: 

Does not technically belong on this list, as the courses not  primarily for leisure  but provide the entrance requirements for mature students wanting to go to University and do not have evidence of recent study at the required level.

Subjects offered in Stockport include:

Computing , Criminology & Psychology, Education,  Engineering, Health & Social Science, Health Science, Human Biology & Psychology Humanities & Social Science, Internet Technologies, Nursing & Midwifery,  Science 

Adult Education  Courses in Stockport  September 2019

Arts & Craft: Appreciating Art, 3D Sculpture, Ceramics, Colour, Shape and Form, Drawing Skills, Dressmaking , Floral Design, Flower Arranging, Interior Design, Mixed Media, Painting/Drawing Skills, Photo Image Capture and Manipulation, Photography, Photoshop for Digital Photography, Printmaking, Sketching & Painting for Pleasure, Watercolour                   

English, Maths & Science: Creative Writing, English Language (GCSE), Enlightening Novels, Book Group Poetry, Scrabble, Maths, Core Science (GCSE), Science & Technology

Cards: Bridge, Canasta

Food: Baking Food Appreciation, Sugarcraft

Gardening: Gardening for everyone, RHS Certificate in Practical Horticulture 

Health& Wellbeing: Bowling, Counselling Men’s fit Fix, NLP for Wellbeing, Pilates, Psychology, Strollers/Longer Walks, Tai Chi, and Yoga 

History: Archaeology (The British Isles and the Modern World), Art History, Family History, Saxons, Danes & Normans Women Artists in the 20th Century 

IT: Computers for beginners, using your iPad, 

Languages & Culture: offered at a range of levels (depending on the subject) Beginners, Rusty, Intermediate, Conversation/Circle and Advanced French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish 

Media/Music; Film, Music Appreciation, Music Making, Opera Appreciation

Needlecraft: Beginners, Creative Stitches, Sewing Bee, Textile Art, Using sewing machines and overlockers 

Information Technology: Computing Made Easy, Improving your IT Skills, Computers (Intermediate), Microsoft Office, Using Your I Pad, Digital Photography, Photoshop

Number: Maths GCSE Foundation& Higher Award

Additional Information:

This information is accurate at the time of writing, is not exhaustive and mainly relates to adult leisure courses. There are also many other vocational and academic courses available specifically for adults.

Cost: It is highly likely that you will have to pay for your course, as colleges have to cover costs to survive. If you are on a low-income benefit, you may get a reduction or a free course but this depends on a range of criteria, so you need to check for each course and can’t assume any chosen course will automatically be free.

If paying for a course is a problem, or you are not able to attend college regularly check out the wide range of Free on Line Courses

Stockport Providers:

Aquinas College, Nangreave Road, Stockport SK2 6TH Tel: 0161 419 9163

Cheadle & Marple Adult College, Cheadle Rd, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire SK8 5HA Tel: 0161 486 4602 

Stockport College Wellington Rd S, Stockport SK1 3UQ Tel :0161 296 5000


Stockport Continuing Education, Stockport Council Adult Education Tel: 0161 474 5801

University of the Third age ( U3A)

Workers Educational Association (WEA) Tel: 0161 485 3287 

Open University Tel: 0300 303 5303  Offers a range of short stand alone courses

As I only cover courses  in Stockport , so if your interests are not included or if it’s easier for you to access another area, check out  other colleges (details below) and the many private providers,  community centres, sports clubs, social groups etc. also offering courses

Providers Surrounding Stockport

Bolton College Tel: 01204 482 000 

Bury College Tel: 0161 280 8280 

Cheshire West and Chester 

Derbyshire Adult Education  

Hopwood Hall College 

Macclesfield College Tel: 01625 410 018  

The Manchester College Tel:  03333 222 444       

Manchester Adult Education (MAES)  

Oldham College Tel: 0161 785 4000  

Salford City College Tel: 0161 631 5000  

Tameside College Tel: 0161 908 6600 

Trafford College Tel: 0161 886 7070  

Willmslow Guild       Tel:  01625 523 903 

 Further Afield:

Although this information relates to Stockport, there will be a similar range of courses in your area and the comments on early application/ cost of courses will still apply so check out your local colleges. You can get further information from:

National Careers Service Tel: 0800 100 900  

Hot Courses  

If you are doing the course to improve your job prospects and need careers advice and guidance, checkout how we can help . For further information  Checkout Work & Beyond