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Having worked in the careers sector for over 25 years, I have experienced many changes in the economic climate, the labour market and the nature of employment.Newspaper opened at jobs page
When I started work as a careers adviser, the main issue was "which company offers the best prospects" and work was easily found by getting someone to put in "a good word", computers were in air conditioned rooms and the Manchester Evening News had 3 job supplements a week! How times have changed. Over the years "secure" jobs have ceased to exist and techniques for finding work have become increasingly complex and competitive. There are still jobs available but they are becoming more difficult to find and hence it is important to be in the best possible position when applying. It really upsets me when I see people throwing away opportunities with poor CV’s and application forms, particularly when I know I can help. This includes people who tell me they have had their CV looked at by someone who "knows"!

There has also been an increasing emphasis on the importance of qualifications, with many new subjects/types of qualification being offered. The recent changes in funding for Higher Education and Further/Adult Education have made it even more important to seek impartial advice before embarking on any courses to ensure the best option Hands on a laptop and using mobile phonehas been chosen and any available funding identified.

After a break from careers work, supporting and assessing delivery of training, I returned to the sector to work with adults at Salford Education and Training Advice Service - one of the few organizations, at the time, offering professional careers guidance for adults. The service had a national reputation for the quality and nature of service it offered to adult clients. As the service was council funded, it eventually closed but the working methods, ethos and principles carried forward with me whilst working in the development of adult careers advice in Stockport for the past 10 years. Due to changes in the sector, I was made redundant and like many others, I faced being unemployed for the first time in my life, the vacancy boards in the Job centre had long gone! I was in the fortunate position of having the knowledge, expertise and contacts to move forward and decided to use this opportunity to develop a dream that I had been considering for many years and hence the seeds for Work & Beyond were sown.

I have become increasingly aware of the lack of support for mature/professional clients who have been in "secure" employment for many years, now facing redundancy and don’t know what to do next. There are many issues facing the over 50’s, ranging from finding new job ideas, looking for work, changing direction, opportunities for education to wanting to escape from the labour market altogether without turning into a couch potato! There are also many mature people who are facing the labour market for the first time due to changes in their domestic/financial circumstances. 

Since setting up Work & Beyond, I have seen increasing numbers of clients in their 20's,30's and 40's who are stressed/unhappy at work, seeking a "Career Review" in order to develop a new career path.

Remember, you are not alone. Professional, impartial and confidential help is at hand