5 Factors to THINK about when Changing Career

Now that we are all back at work and the seasonal festivities are fading into the background, it is time to take stock and plan ahead for the rest of 2014, particularly if you are unhappy with your work role, either wanting to get into work, or looking for a career change.

It is still possible to get/change jobs, even in the current economic climate, but it is not easy and will take time and effort on your part, so it is really important to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

It is important to THINK about the following 5 factors that have a major impact on career/job success and happiness.

Talents: Identify the skills you have shown in both work and home life. If your experience is limited try to develop it further, either through voluntary work or by attending a college course.  Although the vast majority of courses start in September, there are many opportunities in January and also after Easter. I've come across many clients who have developed hobbies into money making activities, such as selling art work, jewellery making, caring for elderly relatives etc.

Health:  Often health is a factor, particularly as we age. This can be seen in the need for continued good eyesight/ physical strength. Other changes may occur, such as the development of an allergic reaction, as happened with a former client (a hairdresser).  Additionally, health is a particular issue, as current government policy is resulting in increasing numbers of people, with health related issues looking at seeking work for the first time in many years.

Interests: Many people drift into work roles for convenience, or due to inertia and often become trapped and increasingly unhappy.  So it’s good to start with what really interests you, when considering a change – look at both in/out of work activities. A good example of this can be seen in a former client, who had not worked for many years but had been heavily involved in school related voluntary work whilst also providing emotional support to her children’s friends. This background provided sufficient experience to get a paid support role in an educational setting.

Nature: Many clients suffer stress caused by the environment in which they are working. Often the problem is not due to their actual work activities but the surrounding situation. An analysis of their Personality Style quickly provides evidence of this and highlights areas which would be more appropriate. I have seen this with many clients, even when they have worked in a company /industry for a substantial amount of time. Check out information on Personality Style Analysis

Knowledge: This is important for many reasons, and starts with Self Awareness.  You need to understand your skills, strengths and abilities before you can sell yourself to prospective employers.  You also need a realistic view of job requirements and availability as well as  an up to date knowledge of the methods and processes required for job search, for example Where to look, How to Apply, Effective CV’s,  Completing Application Forms, Interview Techniques etc


Once you have started the thought process for making a career change you will find “Six Steps to Change” and “New Year New Star “helpful.

It also helps to discuss your situation and plans with an independent professional careers adviser. Checkout the services we offer at Work & Beyond and get in touch to see how we can help.