• Work & Beyond is here to help you find work, develop within work and cope with redundancy or retirement. You will work with a Registered Guidance Practitioner to develop the skills and confidence to move forward both within work and beyond into education, training, or other lifestyle opportunities.

    Check out the website for information on looking for work or approaching retirement as well as specific issues that may be worrying you.

  • It'’s time to do something about those New Year Resolutions ……………..whether it’s to get fit, improve or develop your skills or just to get a life!  Even though the vast majority of courses started in September, there are many short courses starting in January or after Easter.

    The range of formal courses offered in the Stockport area includes:

    Accounting & Business: Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping, Office Skills for Employment

  • Introduction:

    This is my sixth year of writing about Adult Education Courses in Stockport. Each time I carry out the background research, I particularly notice the changers in what is being offered. For the last few years I have commented on the reduction of options available. However, this year is very similar to last year, maybe a few Business Start Up courses less but  still lots of Art, Languages and Health/Fitness related courses in both college and community venues.

  • Adult Education courses are offered by colleges on their own premises and in a range of community venues. Course length varies from a ten week term or a full academic year. If that is too much of a commitment there are also half/full day workshops, often offered at the weekend, covering topics of interest throughout the year erg Christmas Cake Making

  • Adult Education courses are offered by colleges on their own premises as well at a range of local community venues and generally involve attendance for a couple of hours a week during the day or in the evening. Course length varies from a ten week term or a full academic year.

  • I have recently been approached by a clien twanting to attend a course to improve her job prospects but not able to attend college due to cost of course .........and finding one to fit in with work commitments! 

  • Once upon a time If you were  thinking about  some form of adult learning or adult education,  whether to develop your skills and talents, learn something new  or just for fun, you would find lots of exciting options available. How times have changed!

  • Part-time students can now apply to Student Finance England for Advanced Learner Loans for the academic year 2016/17.CSmall Cartoon Character next to a pile of books

  • Spring into a Career Change:  Contact Work & Beyond for  a 1:! appointment to  Spring Clean your Career: 

  • If you are thinking about Adult Education/ leisure courses to develop your skills and talents, to learn something new, to meet people or just for fun, then you need to act Courses for Adults are very popular and many are filled before the start date, so you need to explore options now and enrol as soon as you possibly can.