• Work & Beyond is here to help you find work, develop within work and cope with redundancy or retirement. You will work with a Registered Guidance Practitioner to develop the skills and confidence to move forward both within work and beyond into education, training, or other lifestyle opportunities.

    Check out the website for information on looking for work or approaching retirement as well as specific issues that may be worrying you.

  • Part-time students can now apply to Student Finance England for Advanced Learner Loans for the academic year 2016/17.CSmall Cartoon Character next to a pile of books

  • Spring into a Career Change:  Contact Work & Beyond for  a 1:! appointment to  Spring Clean your Career: 

  • If you are thinking about Adult Education/ leisure courses to develop your skills and talents, to learn something new, to meet people or just for fun, then you need to act Courses for Adults are very popular and many are filled before the start date, so you need to explore options now and enrol as soon as you possibly can.

  • Most people accept the value careers guidance for young people but few recognize that it can also have significant impact on the lives of adults. Some of my clients arrange appointments grudgingly as they are not sure they will benefit. However, by the end of the session they are happier, have greater self-awareness and the confidence to go on to develop their career path. 

  • If you are unhappy at work, (or thinking about returning to work after a break), it is easy to drift along until forced into action by a crisis. As it can take about twelve months to make a career change, it is important to start the process long before you reach breaking point. Knowing that you have an escape route planned often makes an unsatisfactory work situation more bearable!

  • Want to study but not able to attend college? Time to consider On Line Learning, Flexible/Open Learning, or a Correspondence course. These options are not mutually exclusive, often overlap, and are ideal if you are in work and want to update your skills, to enhance employability, to prepare for redundancy, or work towards a career change. 

    It'sis interesting to see the impact of IT, not just for study materials but also in the number of free courses offered. 

  • Time to Apply

    Leisure Courses for Adults are very popular and many will be filled, well before the start date, so  if you are thinking about a course to develop your existing skills/talents, to learn something new, to meet people or just for fun, you need to explore options now and enrol as soon as you possibly can. 

  • Dreading the thought of the next 20 /30 years in work?  Want to do something different but don’t know what?

    Then it’s time for a career review

    Whether we like it or not, our working life is getting longer!

  • Now that we are all back at work and the seasonal festivities are fading into the background, it is time to take stock and plan ahead for the rest of 2014, particularly if you are unhappy with your work role, either wanting to get into work, or looking for a career change.

    It is still possible to get/change jobs, even in the current economic climate, but it is not easy and will take time and effort on your part, so it is really important to ensure you are heading in the right direction.